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Plato Was Right

Posted in Current Affairs with tags , , , , , on 5 April, 2008 by Wulfstan Crumble

After having my last story, “Tennessee Tumblebug” rejected (Well it was all humour and no plot as well as shakey action) by Permuted Press i turned to developing a number of other stories that had been jotted down as ideas in a notebook. These, Development Hell Projects (To borrow a term from SFX magazine), total 35 stories and with a bit of work are looking more promising. Anyhow, i digress, while searching through my notebooks I found an old article i’d planned on writing. Here it is…

     The newspapers in England seem to be obcessed with the decline in British cities, especially with the rise of youth crime. Hell, even Time magazine is banging on about it now and Harriet Harmann was seen wearing a stab proof vest. Labour is truly sending us to the dogs.

     We all know the reason why. Labour has misruled Britain, especially England, turning it swiftly downwards. Its answer to poverty is to make people addicted to the state in terms of hand-outs and other welfare benefits. By making people dependent upon the state they continually vote for it so as to not loose their benefits. It seems welfare is the new opium of the masses.

    Something our bent and corrupt government wont do is truly help people. Its not easy but it makes me think of Plato. He put forward the idea that UTOPIA was a place where everyone had a purpose.

     People stuck on welfare, and ive been there, feel they have no future, no purpose in life. Kids from broken families feel they are fucked from the start and so turn to pointless hedonistic and feral acts in order to escape the world or rebel.

    Bring these people a purpose in life, bring them hope not a welfare cheque that buys the next bottle of white lightening. If the government truly care it could do something to help them. But, it doesnt want to does it?

    There are people out there who know what to do more than me. Where are they? We need to fill the gaps in the labour market with out listless members of society, we need to help find the truly incapacitated ways to contribute to society and earn their own money if possible. We need to improve our schools and make kids feel that with a bit of education and some applied effort they can do anything. Yes, we must also make things realistic. We cannot all be Premiership footballers so we need to find ways to be happy in our society.

Maybe this is rambling but i hope you get my point.