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Posted in Film Review with tags , , , , , on 12 February, 2008 by Wulfstan Crumble

Today I watched a powerful film from Australia. This review will contain spoilers so read no more if you want to watch this. Though, those with kids, would be best advised to watch it alone.

The film begins with someone dead in a room. We do not know more. Blood seeps out under the door and then saddened faces.

The film follows several lead characters each with issues. As you run through the list each seems to be an extreme of the social condition. We have a recently out gay kid, a girl with an eating disorder (bulemia), a girl raped by her brother, the brother who has serious father-achievement-sister issues, a footie player who is secretly gay and a poor boy who has two urethas and cannot control his urine output.

There is bullying, suspicion and so on. During the film we see many people, several minor characters who appear normal but chat to the main characters. We also see black and white interviews with each of the named characters (those mentioned above). The story unwraps slowly much in the manner of “Elephant” which, set in America, was about a school shooting.

Throughout the film we are lead from character to character wondering which one killed themselves. Of course our natural eye is taken by these obvious examples of lives gone awry. The sister turns out to be pregnant, the footie player kisses the gay kid, the bulemic refuses to admit her footie loving boyfriend is anything but her prince. Yet, our eyes slip off another candidate. A girl called Kelly.

The girl tries to talk to the brother about a disturbing, yet unrevealed, short story he wrote. She tries to help the peeing boy too. Yet, in the end it is her, who takes her own life. Someone kind and caring who is totally ignored by everyone. Most do not talk to her, aknowledge her and are wrapped up in their own problems.

It contains a powerful message. We shouldn’t be so wrapped up in our problems to think of other people. Also, that the quiet people can be the most in trouble. It made me think alot. I hope others can go and see this too.