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Plato Was Right

Posted in Current Affairs with tags , , , , , on 5 April, 2008 by Wulfstan Crumble

After having my last story, “Tennessee Tumblebug” rejected (Well it was all humour and no plot as well as shakey action) by Permuted Press i turned to developing a number of other stories that had been jotted down as ideas in a notebook. These, Development Hell Projects (To borrow a term from SFX magazine), total 35 stories and with a bit of work are looking more promising. Anyhow, i digress, while searching through my notebooks I found an old article i’d planned on writing. Here it is…

     The newspapers in England seem to be obcessed with the decline in British cities, especially with the rise of youth crime. Hell, even Time magazine is banging on about it now and Harriet Harmann was seen wearing a stab proof vest. Labour is truly sending us to the dogs.

     We all know the reason why. Labour has misruled Britain, especially England, turning it swiftly downwards. Its answer to poverty is to make people addicted to the state in terms of hand-outs and other welfare benefits. By making people dependent upon the state they continually vote for it so as to not loose their benefits. It seems welfare is the new opium of the masses.

    Something our bent and corrupt government wont do is truly help people. Its not easy but it makes me think of Plato. He put forward the idea that UTOPIA was a place where everyone had a purpose.

     People stuck on welfare, and ive been there, feel they have no future, no purpose in life. Kids from broken families feel they are fucked from the start and so turn to pointless hedonistic and feral acts in order to escape the world or rebel.

    Bring these people a purpose in life, bring them hope not a welfare cheque that buys the next bottle of white lightening. If the government truly care it could do something to help them. But, it doesnt want to does it?

    There are people out there who know what to do more than me. Where are they? We need to fill the gaps in the labour market with out listless members of society, we need to help find the truly incapacitated ways to contribute to society and earn their own money if possible. We need to improve our schools and make kids feel that with a bit of education and some applied effort they can do anything. Yes, we must also make things realistic. We cannot all be Premiership footballers so we need to find ways to be happy in our society.

Maybe this is rambling but i hope you get my point.


Right To Independence

Posted in Current Affairs with tags , , , , , , on 18 March, 2008 by Wulfstan Crumble

The recent uprising in Tibet and the granting of independence to Kosovo coupled with the refusal to recognise the rights of Bosnian-Serbs has opened up a large debate for the 21st century. Do ethnic groups have the right to independence? Can we split up states or provinces to recognise ethnic divisions?

 Modern rules on independence generally leans against such movements. Most have come about as a way of ending war. Montenegro is a rare example of a peaceful seperation. The rules on granting independence tend to revolve factors such as economics, politics, history and the viabiliy of the state.

Yet the most important part is the politics. Montenegro and Kosovo were parts of Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia). Serbia is not a major force these days and is not loved by the international community. Therefore certain nations feel it is fine to grant independence to rebellious provinces. Yet, they do not agree to such calls for independence in Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and so on because those new states would be broadly pro-Russian.

Rules on independence are based solely on politics not morality.

The challenge to the 21st century is to move away from artificial states and against politics determining such secessions. We should encourage states to federalise or turn into unions to maintain unity and peace. If this is not possible we should recognise the rights of ethnic unified regions to determine their own fates. There should be clear UN backed rules and rights for such regions, groups and proto-nations. This would stop chaos.

Sadly this is likely to prove impossible. We will continue to put influence and economics ahead of the rights of people. We will not back the Tibetans in their rightful claim to independence, we will not back Taiwan, Bessarabia, the Kosovan Serbs, Chechnya and so on. It is very ironic as the Tibetans are ethnically different to the chinese with a long history of independence. In fact they have more right to claim indpendence than America’s founding fathers.

Obama: Reaching For Hope

Posted in Blog, Current Affairs with tags , , , , , on 16 February, 2008 by Wulfstan Crumble

If I were an American

I would say, “Yes, we can!”

My soul would fall into naivety

And for once, give into hope.


We Brits, moan in the trudge of decline

We spread cynicism

Like butter on toast

When our technocratic leaders pontificate.


We need his kind of inspiration

We need to believe that change can happen

That we can believe in hope

Then we’ll improve from the ground up.


He is the heir to Cicero

The man to move beyond Martin Luther King

The man to make us colourblind

And a truly equal world.


Wulfstan Crumble knows that for all the hope in the world politicians may fail to live up to their reputation or downright lie. With so much invested in his philosophy and rhetoric Barak Obama has to deliver if he wins. I hope he wins, so we may all believe and that he delivers. One day perhaps someone will come who truly wants to put Britain right and then we can believe too.

The Sparta Of The East

Posted in Current Affairs with tags , , , , , , , , on 11 February, 2008 by Wulfstan Crumble

All of the developed nations of the world have a problem. They are, quite simply, not breeding enough. Many are barely maintaining their current populations thanks to mass imigration. The society that has this problem most of all in Europe is Italy. Yet, compared to Japan, Italians look like right old bunny rabbits.

2007 was a watershed year in Japan. For the first time since WWII the population actually shrunk back a bit. It now stands at around 128,000,000 people. Predictions are that in my lifetime the population will shrink to a more British 50,000,000.

The onus is on the Japanese government, and the people themselves, to stimulate new babies (all puns intended).

The government started off with a very helpful solution. One minister suggested that all girls from 12 through to 45 become baby ovens churning out new Japanese kids. For once some people actually protested against the utterences of their minister. The government is being slow to make working and life choice conditions better for women and for married couples.

A woman who chooses to have a child effectively gives up her promotion prospects for the rest of her life. Japanese companies and organisations work on a principle of age and longevity at the business. Therefore, time out for a baby, 9-12 months can put you effectively back to square one. Most mothers get consigned to part-time or temporary contracts. A lot of Japanese women are choosing to put life ahead of motherhood.

Now lets look at the people themselves. The French and Brits boast of making love 160-180 times a year, maybe more, on average. The Japanese apparently average 41-61 times a year. 73% of married men over 50 do not have sexual relations with their spouses. Yet 75% of married men over 50 admit to sexual relations with other people’s wives. Despite being illegal Japan easily beats Amsterdam for prostitutes and sexually related businesses from Soaplands to Delivery Health Services. They make babies not make love and barely make babies these days.

The Japanese media are pinning the hopes of securing the population not on immigration or encouraging men to be more romantic nor just encouraging couples to get it on more often than once a fortnight. They’ve pinned their hopes on Group Blind Dates to encourage couples to get together.

It reminds me of the Spartans who, much like the Daleks in Dr. Who, refused to muddy their blood with non-purebloods. As we speak there are no Spartans and there is only one Dalek left. Could we witness something similar?


Well Valentines is upon us again.

It’s a time for me to relax. Yep i am going native this year. So, i will lay back safe in the knowledge that Valentines is a traditional day for women buying romantic gifts for men, making them chocolates and so on with no obligation on the male to return the favour. There will be no romantic messages, no breakfast in bed, no dates and flowers. Just me scoffing my face full of chocolates. Yummy.

Vote For Stooge No.2

Posted in Current Affairs with tags , , , , , , , on 2 February, 2008 by Wulfstan Crumble

In just over a month my Russian friends will go to the polls to vote for a new president. Sadly for them the choices are, to borrow a description of Swansea, pretty shitty. It is well known that President Vladimir Putin has set up Dmitry Medvedev as his annointed successor to the Kremlin.

 Yet, in Russia nothing is ever simple. One cannot, these days, just simply stick a stooge in place and reap the benefits (as China does). Putin is probably also mindful of the old Greek adage that “a tyrant’s son always falls.” So, there must be the presentation of an election.

 There are several ways to rig an election. The first is to control the ballot boxes. This will probably done just in case Medvedev gets a lower than crushing vote count come March. However, Western monitors tend to see straight through such tactics.

The next option is to control the media and thus educate people into voting a certain way. Check. Classic Putin here. The next is to have really tough rules for becoming a candidate. Pressures and unfair rulings have thusly knocked out Putin’s most realistic opponents in Mikhail Kasyanov and Garry Kasparov (he the chess player).

However, this all looks a little too easy for Putin (or Poot-in as they say in America) or Vladders as we say in football circles. So, stick in the obvious yet hopeless parties. Step up Gennady Zyuganov of the Communists and Pro-Kremlin Nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

 Yet, this is all still to establishment for a nice yet see-through victory. So, famous men like Garry Kasparov and Mikhail Kasyanov cannot get the 2,000,000 signatories needed to become a candidate yet an unknown former Kremlin employee known as Andrei Bogdanov can. He comes across as the great hope for democracy. He wants closer ties to Europe and more accountability. He is every westerner’s dream of a Russian candidate. He even has long hair.

Yet, he is a stooge, a plant. He and his greasy locks are there to make Medvedev and Putin look good and democratic. They could, if they wanted, argue that the presence of Bogdanov proves they do not wish to stamp out opposition.

Now, I know it is dodgy to be not of the land yet make a recommendation on someone else’s election. Yet, I would advise my Russian friends (the anti-Putin ones) to vote Andrei Bogdanov.

There are several reasons why:

1. He may be a stooge pretending to be pro-Western but any vote for him is a vote stating pro-Western desires.

2. Putin wants his stooge elected. But, would it not be fun to elect the wrong one? In this case either Putin has to reveal Bogdanov as a stooge thus opening him to all the right accusations of tyranny or Bogdanov will have to follow his platform.

3. It will make Putin really red faced and his reaction will be crucial.

 I urge my friends to vote for Stooge No.2.

Immortality Clubs

Posted in Current Affairs with tags , , on 23 January, 2008 by Wulfstan Crumble

       Ever since its crushing defeat in World War 2 Japan has grown in the worlds conscience. It was and to a certain extent still is a closed and exotic place. Yet, it is a place that wants to be loved and feels a divine right to a seat at the top tables. As with the other big economy in the world it buys into itself to a huge extent. As an effect of this its fashions, technologies and trends spurt out. The appetite for all things Japanese grows ever greater even as the government there slowly slides towards its more xenophobic side.

        The biggest export of all is technology with a large number of computers, games consoles and DVD players hailing from technological giants such as Sony, Nintendo, Sharp, Panasonic and Toshiba. Japanese cartoons have long had a following outside of Japan but in recent years this has grown exponentially. Anime has become perhaps the first word borrowed from English twisted in Japanese and then exported back into English. More recently Japanese food has begun to pop up all over the place.


     But has a social trend been exported? A most unwelcome social trend.Since July 2004, when I came to Japan, I have read occasional and disturbing news articles in the local papers about mass suicides. Japan has already one of the worlds highest rates of suicides. On average between 30,000 and 35,000 people take their own lives each year. The majority seem to be jobless Salarymen who have lost their Life-jobs and felt shamed. Another big group of suicides are bullied school children. It is telling that Japans romantic tradition is one of suicide pacts born out of doomed love.

       Yet, with the rise of internet social sites so has there been a rise in suicidal people banding together to take their lives en mass. Towards the end of 2004 26 people died in two months in this manner. Suicide clubs and social sites have sprung up so that the suicidal may meet one another and arrange their deaths. Such suicides are meticulously planned using sleeping pills, sealed vans and charcoal burners. The biggest single event was seven people just outside of Tokyo. The people who took their own lives came from all over Japan.


     Then today I learned that 7 people in Brigend, Wales, have taken their own lives in recent months. Within hours of each persons death a memorial website has been erected online. As well as the 7 successful suicides there have been many failed attempts. The common factor, apart from being in the same social group, is the social website Bebo. This and the memorial sites bring an extra level of disturbance to an already appalling series of events.

      The Japanese suicides were by relative strangers who were already suicidal and who used the internet to find similar people. Each had their own reasons for suicide be it financial ruin, ill-health or other emotional problems. Often it is said that people were egged on by other suicidal people or fell into a group mentality with the momentum that goes with it. These suicides can be linked to a rare mental disorder known as folie a deux.

       Yet, in England, which has no such tradition of suicide as there is in Japan, it is all the more disturbing because it is affecting previously unsuicidal people. These people also seem to be sociable unlike sufferers of folie a deux. This is not the most disturbing aspect either. It would appear that the people are aiming for immortality via these memorial websites. Has the desire for our 15 minutes of fame come to this?


       If the answer is yes then we know our youth is in serious trouble. Do we really wish to see our youth seek fame at any cost? There can be no prize worthy of such a cost. The immortality brings with it the end of life, not immortality, just death and the void. It brings ruin on relatives and friends, true friends who would never wish someones death. It cuts short all of someones potential to live life, love and create.

       As with many such fads and group trends, those who originate it, spread the ideas on the internet and create the sites, those who do that are still here in this world. They do not believe in any moral reason for suicide just the fame it accords them in having set the ball rolling. I wonder how they square such a burden knowing they encouraged someone, maybe a true friend, to kill themselves for fame. Lets hope that in such a world this act still generates guilt. For if it didnt we would truly be in trouble.

      How do we stop these things? We could get draconian and shut down the likes of Bebo, or force them to remove the Memorial Pages. We could force only over 18s to be able to join such sites. But, would it help? We need to find a way to stop such things seeming like a good idea, to stop people feeling that its acceptable to do it and we need to be able to know these things are about to happen so we may engage with those kids. I will not pretend to know what to do only to state that we have to think of something.