Thank you for stopping by my page. Do enjoy some of the stories, poems, blogs and other such pieces of writing to be found on here. The blog would be called Eclectica but there’s already a magazine with that name. It is great, for me, to be able to write on varied topics as it keeps life interesting. At the moment I  reside in Japan but hail from the Cotswold in England. Sadly, that does not make me a rich toff. Just means I was surrounded by them as a kid. I am looking for opportunities to expand my writing as well as continuing to build good friendships.

Res Gestae: 

(Yeah it aint great but it makes me happy)

2000-02  – Drovers Arts Festival, Lampeter, Ceredigion: Theatre and Student Performance Officer.

2001         – Witch Trial: Writer, Director and Producer.

2004-07  – Contributor to Naniwa in Osaka.

2005-06  – Editor of The Osakan.

       I have had numerous articles published in the Naniwa newsletter and letters published in The Daily Telegraph, The Japan Times, The Daily Yomiuri and twice in Geographical. I’ve made no attempts as of yet to get published in other formats.

Wulfstan Crumble hopes one day to write a good profile.



One Response to “About”

  1. Hello. You seem vaguely familiar. Hahahaha. How I have missed your genius, Sir Wulfinho of the Crumble.

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