My First Submission

Another blog piece…

 The post before last listed a number of ongoing projects. Yesterday I submitted my first story to a real publication. It was a little scary; especially as the internet broke on my computer and i had to transfer the file over to Natsumi’s new laptop (Vista – complicated, windows simple, wulfstan simple, wulfstan like windows).

Now, i’ve had dozens of letters published in the likes of the Telegraph, Geographical (twice) and Japanese newspapers; and i’ve had articles published in our regional Newsletter for ALTs but never anything real, not even tried to be honest.

 Just to be contrary to expectations none of the previously post none of them were submitted. Instead i tried my hand at romance. The ensuing story, “Serial Something” came out as part-romance, part-mystery and part-hung over guy tries to figure out what happened the night before. Fingers crossed.

The theme of the anthology was “Love Bites.” The stories had to centre around a guy who wakes up with two bites on his neck, one from a man and one from a lady. One of the bites has lipstick, one does not. It centres around the odd relationship or love of 2 men and a woman but not in the anguish ridden love triangle plot-type.

That in itself is an interesting device. Though personally i believe that such a situation just cannot last for two long.

The story ended up as the longest short i’ve ever written at 10,600 words though the final edit came in at just under 9,000 words (to get within the word limit).

While it’ll probably fail but it’s been a good experience. There’s nothing like a deadline to focus the brain. March sees deadlines for the JET programme essay competition, a Sci-fi anthology, the Giant Creatures Anthology and one for Robots. All very fantastical and totally unserious.


3 Responses to “My First Submission”

  1. Good luck, not that you’ll need it. I know your writing will be good enough, the only qusetion is whether the editors are smart enough to realise that. Is there a link between the title of this blogentry and the subject matter of the story? Did you do much research?

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope you are right. Serial refers to a serial killer (any murders off stage). But that is the more obvious reference. The more minor one is someone who serially has one-nighters and doesnt commit. Though the story is more sympathetic as to why he cant commit; sexuality issues. As for the blog entry’s title…haha, nothing about submission (that’s for a future story 😉 There was some research; mostly on Chicago and gay poetry, like Emanuel Xavier and also copious reading of Oscar Wilde (whom i apparently look like).

  3. favorited this one, dude

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