Fun Day

This week is only 3 days old.

And its over. 5 days of restful vacation will now commence. The joys of exams.

Being an exam week means the students are much better behaved.

Shall we recap?

hmm…how about we just talk about today?

It started with a whizz and a bang. A firework in the bushes.

Next an angry 18 year old former student runs into the teachers room and begins an argument with a teacher… im sat there thinking… knifing but nothing happens.

The day before the teachers had opened up the school so the parents could see what’s going on…are they suicidal? Anarchy and total chaos reigned supreme. The parents got to see students running around, shouting, writing on the walls in bright pen, drinking, spitting, breaking bamboo sticks and more…

Welcome to my school…unhappy parents.

Then came the classes. A mild case of extortion as the bullies of the first year went round trying to gather money from the weaker students to pay a tribute to the third years…PC Crumble investigates. Case still open. Some girls begin a water fight…

So far so mild.

The afternoon begins with a three person invasion of the first year classes. Just a case of more ex-students on the rampage. Crumble has arse spanked by male student…nothing new there. The water fight girls manage to flood the toilets…nice. Break time chaos leads to fun and games before the second year boys run up the stairs dressed in the girls uniforms with giant fake boobs… bedlam is nice. Break finishes with Crumble breaking up two fights and throwing a student into a classroom.

In the middle of that 4 classes were actually taught. nice.

On the way home i went down a small street to avoid all the cars. Half-way down a bunch of elementary boys had gathered. One had a wad of cardboard taped together. He lashed out at a cyclist before me hitting him. All the boys laughed. Then again at the next cyclist. Then he stepped forward for me…

Wulfstan Crumble finished his day by scaring the shit out of a bunch of small kids. Clenched fist. Angry look (faked) and second thoughts on their behalf. No laughing but i smiled.

Japan. Safe but crazy.


3 Responses to “Fun Day”

  1. “Crumble has arse spanked by male student…nothing new there.”
    For real? haha. (: how have you been? (minus all this crazy things going on in your school)

  2. sounds like our local comp! hahah.. lovely to hear you so happy, Wulfy.

  3. hahahahaha, Insane in the left brain, Wulfhino, should be a movie, brilliant,

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