Manurial Ashes

It is a joy to be writing again. To be a man of letters and to have short stories pouring out of my vulgarities. It is also good to rise to a challenge though, still, it leaves me not with a sense of self definition.

It strikes me as perhaps apt that my Junior School’s emblem was a Phoenix. Those pesky things do not go away. Japan came from the ashes of my old shop (Millets) and this new work comes from the ashes of technological meltdown and slippery fingers. Though a big thankful hug goes out to my good friend Marina for reminding me that good writers write not rewrite. So, no back to the future…

 A quick scan through open anthologies and magazines has produced a few interesting challenges and surprisingly all have been begun, though none have been finished. Here’s a list of what’s being worked on and for whom. (The crazy thing is none of them are based in my beloved Blighty)


Giant Creaturs Anthology     –    “Tennessee Tumblebug”

Robots Beyond                        –    “Xenophobots”

Silly Fantasy Anthology        –     “Bran Bramble vs Berberius Snot”

Wanderings Horror               –      “Baguio Halimaw”

Noctem Aeternus                  –      “Flower Of Convenience”

Bloody October                     –      “Crucial Fiction”

Plus two random pieces of Japan based fiction called “Sakura Girl” and “Takafumi And The Whale Riders.”


 JET Essay Competition      –     Fun With English: Teaching Elementary Kids In Japan.

Pagan Dawn                          –     What Neopagans Can Learn From Japan.

I have also begun a new pseudonym who will be known as Alessandro Brigante for the more weirder, less Wulfstanish pieces. I’m working on a gay erotica for an anthology entittled “Taming Is Rarely True” and a gorefest for The Slice Splatterpunk anthology called “Soapland.”

Its been a busy time with writing that has largely kept me offline. Another reason is the slowly developing Friendship Society I’m hoping to begin in the city and precopius letter writing around the world. More on those in later blogs (new fiction and poetry may be limited online for a while as many deadlines are coming up soon). 

Wish me luck.


5 Responses to “Manurial Ashes”

  1. Good luck! Try to fit some sleeping time in there too. And bring on Alessandro, cool bananas, oh and I definitely want to read the porn, uhh sorry gay erotica,

  2. Porn? lol…its a challenge. Bananas? Is that some kind of gay erotica innuendo i should know about? Well, sleep is something im working on.

  3. You’re writing gay erotica? Exsqueeze me? Is that lesbian or…

    I mean, excuse me? hahahaha… I admire your versatility Wulfy. Blimey. 🙂

  4. haha. its good old rugged stuff like Brokeback Mountain. I tred where Ang Lee has been before. The same publisher wants a Male/Male/Female romance story… i do like a challenge.

  5. Good old rugged stuff? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Wulfy, haha.

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