Obama: Reaching For Hope

If I were an American

I would say, “Yes, we can!”

My soul would fall into naivety

And for once, give into hope.


We Brits, moan in the trudge of decline

We spread cynicism

Like butter on toast

When our technocratic leaders pontificate.


We need his kind of inspiration

We need to believe that change can happen

That we can believe in hope

Then we’ll improve from the ground up.


He is the heir to Cicero

The man to move beyond Martin Luther King

The man to make us colourblind

And a truly equal world.



Wulfstan Crumble knows that for all the hope in the world politicians may fail to live up to their reputation or downright lie. With so much invested in his philosophy and rhetoric Barak Obama has to deliver if he wins. I hope he wins, so we may all believe and that he delivers. One day perhaps someone will come who truly wants to put Britain right and then we can believe too.


4 Responses to “Obama: Reaching For Hope”

  1. This was written while very tired. Its rather inelegant and pales beside the man’s own oratory.

  2. But it’s intentions are open and honest and positive. It is tempting to think the US can be redeemed/saved by a change of direction a messianic leader, but as you point out in the notes, it can only be hope at this stage,

  3. Im afraid I fall into the most cynical category, so I shall keep schtum… I admire your optimism though bro. xxx

  4. Well, let’s keep the hope alive. We are in a hell of a mess over here.

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