Game Show

We love game shows. The chance to see people compete for prizes or grandeur. My favourites back home were 15-to-1 and Countdown (i miss twice-nightly). I have many fond memories of competing against my brother and mother on these shows. My brother is a genius for Countdown but i won the most 15-to-1 contests. That said our performances would have got us knocked out in the first round if we were taking part for real.

In Britain the contestants are usually normal people who compete for pride or prizes. I must admit that i am missing seeing real people be able to better their lives by competition on the small screen.

Why? Well, in Japan Game Shows are for celebrities only. No normal people. The celebrities compete for the prizes and money. Today a dozen people ran around a theme park avoiding Matrix style Hunters. The game lasted 90 minutes and whoever was left at the end walked off with 1.50 pounds a second. That’s a nice prize all totalled up.

Yet, is it not odd to watch rich people get richer? Where is the egalitarianism and the chance to dream of winning big?


3 Responses to “Game Show”

  1. I still watch countdown when I can! ha! Bloomin Des O Connor is so doddery. At least twice nightly was sweet and doddery. Des is just patronising. I watched the first ever showing of it, the first ever show to ever be on the fourth channel… ever, haha! I still remember the thrill now. 15-1 was too much for me BUT I was a total geek for Blockbusters, ouch, was that before your time?

  2. i have seen some footage of those bizarre Japanese masochism game shows. Do they still make them? Is Takeshi Kitano’s weird comedy show still on? That’s odd giving cash prizes to celebrities, strange stange world in which you live.

  3. aye it is a strange world.
    Narnie, you are not that old. lol. i too have fond memories of Blockbusters, also the Crystal Maze.
    The maschistic shows are kind of still on but not quite so bizarre. Takeshi’s Castle is still on i think.

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