The Sparta Of The East

All of the developed nations of the world have a problem. They are, quite simply, not breeding enough. Many are barely maintaining their current populations thanks to mass imigration. The society that has this problem most of all in Europe is Italy. Yet, compared to Japan, Italians look like right old bunny rabbits.

2007 was a watershed year in Japan. For the first time since WWII the population actually shrunk back a bit. It now stands at around 128,000,000 people. Predictions are that in my lifetime the population will shrink to a more British 50,000,000.

The onus is on the Japanese government, and the people themselves, to stimulate new babies (all puns intended).

The government started off with a very helpful solution. One minister suggested that all girls from 12 through to 45 become baby ovens churning out new Japanese kids. For once some people actually protested against the utterences of their minister. The government is being slow to make working and life choice conditions better for women and for married couples.

A woman who chooses to have a child effectively gives up her promotion prospects for the rest of her life. Japanese companies and organisations work on a principle of age and longevity at the business. Therefore, time out for a baby, 9-12 months can put you effectively back to square one. Most mothers get consigned to part-time or temporary contracts. A lot of Japanese women are choosing to put life ahead of motherhood.

Now lets look at the people themselves. The French and Brits boast of making love 160-180 times a year, maybe more, on average. The Japanese apparently average 41-61 times a year. 73% of married men over 50 do not have sexual relations with their spouses. Yet 75% of married men over 50 admit to sexual relations with other people’s wives. Despite being illegal Japan easily beats Amsterdam for prostitutes and sexually related businesses from Soaplands to Delivery Health Services. They make babies not make love and barely make babies these days.

The Japanese media are pinning the hopes of securing the population not on immigration or encouraging men to be more romantic nor just encouraging couples to get it on more often than once a fortnight. They’ve pinned their hopes on Group Blind Dates to encourage couples to get together.

It reminds me of the Spartans who, much like the Daleks in Dr. Who, refused to muddy their blood with non-purebloods. As we speak there are no Spartans and there is only one Dalek left. Could we witness something similar?


Well Valentines is upon us again.

It’s a time for me to relax. Yep i am going native this year. So, i will lay back safe in the knowledge that Valentines is a traditional day for women buying romantic gifts for men, making them chocolates and so on with no obligation on the male to return the favour. There will be no romantic messages, no breakfast in bed, no dates and flowers. Just me scoffing my face full of chocolates. Yummy.


4 Responses to “The Sparta Of The East”

  1. everything’s written perfectly except for valentine’s. i’m so impressed with your writings. i can’t wait to read more.keep it up. good luck!

  2. Yeah I saw that on Iron Chef one episode. the reversi Valentine and I thought cool, lets go to Japan. (It’s one of my favourite shows). It’s a strange country in many ways, but easier to understand by reading your writing which is cool, thanks,

  3. I think as far as upping the ration on percentages of the making love thingy, Wulfy, you have a duty to swing that around hon. Yeah, literally, swing it around (chuckle)

    Women buy men valentine gifts? Ohhhh… there’s really no point is there? Might as well just buy yourself something and then everyone will be happy. 🙂

  4. Yeah. Japan believes its own stereotypes and the stereotype is that men dont like sweet foods…so i really dont get it. Its just an excuse for the women to feel romance (by their own hand) and an excuse for men to not be romantic. All sucks really. As for swinging it around. Well, i am not quite that well endowed. Contrary to rumour. 😉

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