Super W.C. Operator

 I’m all alone at home sat tense, cursing the skies

All my stories and poems vanishing before my eyes

Yeah I’m getting so tired, of how this sites wired,

I think my sense of humour j-j-j-j-just went and expired

So sick of ineptitude, 

Blow me my W.C. Operator 

Super W.C. Operator

Can you hear me W.C. Operator?

Super W.C. Operator

I’ve lost it all, Operator

Super W.C. Operator

Super W.C. Operator 



Super W.C. Operator

Super! Super! Man! 

Show me a man, a man who understands about sacrificing all your hard work

Who sees the crumbled ruins running through our hands, yeah!

I’m calling to the website god, you know what I am missing?Everything.

You’re a magician of imposition and flawed intuition

A man divine, a form sublime

Promising everything will be better next time.

Promising everything will be better next time.

Go on, make it better

Better, Better, Better, Better, Year right! 

Super W.C. Operator

Can you hear me Operator?

Super W.C. OperatorSuper W.C. Operator

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Thought not!

You super W.C. wrecker

Now I’ve gotta write it all,Once more, yeah… 


This song is based on lyrics of the song “Super CB Operator” written by Crispian Mills and performed by Kula Shaker. 

The writer would like to acknowledge that he feels a lot better now. He also recognizes that he should have backed it all up more often. Though it was inconceivable for all but the hardened cynic that his laptop and the website’s content would expire at the same time.  

Wulfstan Crumble is a fan of hyperbole and Kula Shaker, if it makes people think.


2 Responses to “Super W.C. Operator”

  1. And I am a fan of Wulfstan Crumble. Are you going to put all that recovered writing in here instead this time, I hope so,

  2. hope all is going slightly better for you now sir. lesson learnt, back up is a must. (: take care. see you around.

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