School Boy Error

     The most globulous and eccentric teacher at Curlywurly Technical College, Bournville, was well known to be Bazil Montageous-Priory. He was a most highly esteemed lecturer of English Literature and Applied Spelling. He had begun life as the well born sprat of upper class loafers. A fine family tradition had them living off the land, socialising and partaking in excessive amounts of ballroom dancing. This lifestyle was not fulfilling enough for Bazil. So, after inheriting his Oxford degree in 1969 he turned his full attentions to politics. At which he failed. Anthony Benn-Wedgewood was far richer and even better connected. So, as a last resort he turned to education; a fine tradition where he could pass on his wisdom gained from summer holidays spent at the MCC.

      After years of teaching in schools as grand as Eton and as bland as Cardiff Comprahensive he had found himself at the brand-spanking (oh he did like that) new Technical College in Bournville educating the latest waves of youths how to spell and read. At times he found it most demeaning yet he applied himself with an eccentric demeanour.

    One day there was a most grand panic in Room H5 in the Honest Hain building. Cries from the half-dozen students echoed down the corridor. The first on the scene was the crusty caretaker, Jim Fork. Upon entering the room he found the rotund lecturer on his back clasping at his chest, his face red and puffy. All around the students looking in shock as Bazil struggled for breath. Jim raced over to his side and loosened his Oxford tie. “Relax Bazil, breath easy.”

      Then Bazil whispered his last words to Jim before collapsing on to the tope carpet, dead. “Which one of you is the devil?”

      As he collapsed he let go of a piece of paper. The crumpled sheet contained scurrolous words doubting the parentage and other virtues of the late professor. At first he looked at it backwards then scrambled it all up but could not decipher it. Jim got up and turned to the class. “Whoever wrote this killed the Professor.”

The students were:

1. The elfine Nanna Addler. 

2. Travel obcessed Mel ii Fey.

3. The ugly, and oft angry, Rolf Trollhatten.

4. Moomin-esque Mo Naantali.

5. Pointy earred Ivor Mist.

6. Lion maned bookworm Tom Gonda.

Do you know who wrote the foul words that killed the professor?



30 Responses to “School Boy Error”

  1. yayayaya! A Wulfstan Crumble puzzler. I certainly don’t want to get the first one too wrong. Let me have another look, I will go with Mel ii Fey but I will keep my reasoning to myself for now. She has a shady look about her.

  2. ok, so Im reckoning there’s a code in the name and the only one that has ‘mom’ in it is No. 4… haha! Am I useless or am I right? You know I would fuddle over these for ages and never get them.

    ps. your link on comments doesn’t lead back to wordpress which may be an idea? I got lost!

  3. Me too, but Wulfstan is not well again, so let’s not nag him about it. Get better soon!

  4. I want to know if Im right dammit. WULFY!! GET BETTER!!

  5. I added a new sentence, or possibly two. Can you find it/them?

  6. I can’t believe I just googled ‘applied spelling’. You are making me work hard. The new sentence is his whisper before he dies. Hmmmm, I shall think on.

  7. mel II Fay He was casshin in

  8. Hmm the plot thickens, I shall return,

  9. Ah, no one has it yet. Devilishly devient isnt it.

  10. Devient indeed… Im going to make a chart later and plot things on it. That should help even less 🙂

  11. There’s a lot of northern European, place names, mythology, Addler has a link to Oxford as in shoes, am I getting anywhere?

  12. You are on the right kind of path, names, mythology…that kind of thing.

  13. Oh well, Im completely stuffed then. Shall I just close my eyes and pick one? I shall keep googling…

  14. Me too. I have googled everyone and I’m no closer.

  15. I need another clue.

  16. Wikipedia Screwball Scramble – Lucifer is but a name.

  17. I feel like my poor peabrain has been through the screwball scramble. Haha I give up. Reveal your mysteries with a flourish of your cape and mad cackle,

  18. Snafu – tsk. I tried taking all the capitals because there’s lots of C’s and lots of H’s but….. ugh. Still nowhere. Am I allowed random guessing and then pretending that it was actually a carefully thought-out process of elimination?

  19. Yeah, you have until Friday morning to decifer it then i will reveal the answer. Random guesses are fine.

  20. I have it narrowed down to Rolf or Tom… I want to say Rolf because I have more evidence against him and I believe his eyes are a little bit too close together.

    Did I get it right? Huh? Huh? I have noticed there are a lot of Capital Letters… i played with them and came up with nothing but then I got this nag and well anyway – Rolf or Tom.

  21. Oh, you shall find out on the morrow… haha. You’re doing a good job though and i like your thinking.

  22. Well. I’m going for Nanna then cos her norse mythology stories got murder in it and parentage and so forth, but then they all do so that’s not much help, but Nanna sounds like Narnie and she’s a killer in many ways as we all know.

  23. Ex-queeze me??! hahahaha… Wulfy do not post the answer too early. I think Im onto something.

  24. Oh great, i came here looking for an end to the suspense, there’s gonna be more than one dead body soon ,my heart is racing, thanks,
    by the way Wulfstan, legendary hero, you are almost in this Orchid Room piece I just posted if you’re interested and have nothing else to do. It’s very short. Note the click of the hammer of the gun at the very beginning, cool,

  25. Ok, Im going for Rolf… Im still not convinced on my workings out but it was the MCC that decided it for me.

  26. Ok, as Narnie has decided lets look at the piece and see who did it.

    The essential clue was “Which one of you is the Devil” The key word being Devil. A minor clue that i inserted later was the following statement “At first he looked at it backwards then scrambled it all up but could not decipher it”. This is your instructions about how to work out who did it.

    Let’s look at the suspects:

    1. The elfine Nanna Addler. – Addler means Eagle in German (adler) and is the eagle on the heradlry of Germany. Nanna is the wife of Baldr in Norse mythology.

    2. Travel obcessed Mel ii Fey. – Fey is a term relating to various kinds of fairy. Mel ii sounds rather betwitching.

    3. The ugly, and oft angry, Rolf Trollhatten. – Trollhatten is a municipality in Norway…has some nice waterfalls. Rolf was named after Rolf Harris, my hero as a kid.

    4. Moomin-esque Mo Naantali. – Naantali is a city in Sweden that was an important pilgrimage centre in medieval times.

    5. Pointy earred Ivor Mist. – No meaning there at all actually.

    6. Lion maned bookworm Tom Gonda. – And so we come to Tom Gonda… now, remember the hints, devil and at first reversing then scrambling. Tom reversed is Mot (a hebrew god and listed as a name of the devil in the bible). If you scramble up Gonda you get Dagon, another hebrew God listed as a name of the Devil. So, Tom Gonda is your man.

  27. Ahha! I see. Mot Dagon. A very tricky one to begin with. Occifer, arrest that man, rage on, Wulstan, yayaya

  28. crap. I knew I should have gone for eenie and not miney. agh! and I actually properly tried too! hahaha… oh well. It was fun Wulfy, frustrating , but fun 🙂

  29. It was fun and i am really glad you both tried your best to solve it. Maybe my mysteries are just too difficult because no one has ever solved them.

  30. Next time you got one go read this guy, he’s only the blog I know that might have a similar level of erudition, your brain is one of the wonders of the western meets eastern world,

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